Broken Bones - Crucifix 7"

Broken Bones - Crucifix 7"

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BROKEN BONES from Stoke-On Trent in England?s West Midlands were formed in 1983 after the brothers "Tony "Bones" Roberts and Terry "Tezz" Roberts left the band DISCHARGE. As well as other UK acts like CHAOS UK, THE EXPLOITED, OI POLLOI, ANTISECT, ... the band BROKEN BONES got well-known very fast, they toured a lot and even reached top numbers in the British Independent Charts. Due to several line up changes the bands style changed within time, from pissy and angry Eighties Punk, Punk Rock in their beginnings it changed into more metallic Hardcore, Metal Punk. BROKEN BONES second 7" EP originally was released in 1984 on the british label FALLOUT RECORDS.

  • Official re-release limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl,
  • EP comes in a fold-out cover and with original artwork.

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