Charger - Watch Your Back LP

Charger - Watch Your Back LP

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Hot on the heels of their breakthrough single “Watch Your Back“, this explosive trio is dropping yet another epic tune on the masses. We said it with WYB, and we will say it again here - with confidence - “Stay Down“ is going to end up on a LOT of playlists, and really shows once again how this band is finding their sound.

Drawing on influences that seem familiar, these tunes are in no way something of the past. Paired together on this incredible double A-side 12" single, they show THE FUTURE OF ROCK ’N’ ROLL!

Charger exemplifies being able to excite people across genres. As this new wave of tracks emerges, that only seems to deepen further. This year should see many people getting their first opportunity to see this incredible band live as well. The impact that should have on where they are headed will be profound. These tracks, along with last year‘s debut seven song 12“, when played live, take this to a whole other level!

If you get the opportunity, seize it. And until that happens, pick up a copy of these records - get a stiff neck blasting these tracks - and hear why so many people are talking about CHARGER right now!

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