Treble Boys ‎- Real Life In The Red LP

Treble Boys ‎- Real Life In The Red LP

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Following a steady stream of hit singles, Mean Bean makes the jump to 12” with its first LP, and what an album it is—one of the most impressive sets of pure vintage power pop to emerge in years. New York’s TREBLE BOYS were CBGB favourites between 1981 and 1983, regularly gracing the legendary club’s stage and even being chosen by owner Hilly Kristal as the first band to appear on his CBGB TV show. Accordingly, The Treble Boys entered In The Red studios in 1982, recording nine tracks of power pop perfection that should have comprised their debut LP. As is too often the case in rock’n’roll, the intended album was never released and, incredibly, these tapes sat dormant until a member recently posted them online. With Mean Bean’s impeccable taste and sharp eye for a hit, it’s no surprise that the label was soon in touch with the group, intent on ensuring that this music found a format more in keeping with its quality….and here we are. ‘Real Life in the Red’ commits the entire In The Red studio session to wax, along with a killer cut, the opener ‘Real Life’ recorded at Wizard Studio on the same session as the Numero-comped ‘One Kiss’. Unearthing unreleased pop of this calibre in an era where virtually everything seems to have been heard is simply the icing on the cake. The album is limited to 350 copies and includes an insert featuring detailed liner notes, original flyers and unseen photos. Like all Mean Bean releases, it won’t last long, so make sure to grab yours fast!

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