Vivisektio - 1985 LP

Vivisektio - 1985 LP

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 Finnish Hardcore

VIVISEKTIO is one of the oldest still active Finnish hardcore bands as they were formed already in 1983 and re-formed in 2008. The band was very active in recording their material but didn't manage to release a record before they broke up in 1986.
Finnish Hardcore will release an 8 track 12" by VIVISEKTIO in the spring of 2022 featuring the original line-up with Kirsi on vocals, Satu on drums, Pekka on guitar and Pena on bass. The latter two are in the current line-up, too.
The 12” consists of rehearsal recordings from 1985, all previously unreleased on vinyl. The audio is mastered from the original tapes by Jari Mikkola (Aivoproteesi) and the 12" will include a booklet with photos and interviews.


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