16 Guns - On Te Piss Again 84/85 Demos LP

16 Guns - On Te Piss Again 84/85 Demos LP

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Queer Pills brings you another slab of underappreciated forgotten UK Punk. This time around we have 16 Guns, a fiery young band existing from 83-85. In those short 23 months they recorded 3 demos of blistering UK punk. The Puke n Vomit LP collects all three demos. 16 Guns were not some small-time band who sat around in their hometown playing to the same crowd month after month. They were a hard working unit that toured and played all over the UK with the likes of The UK Subs, The Samples, Hagar the Womb, Red London, Death Zone, The A-Heads
and the Toy Dolls to name a few. They gained national attention after being featured on the now legendary Anarcho punk comp "Who?What?Why?When?Where?" released on popular Mortarhate Records in 1984.

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