Amnesie - 1983-1999 LP

Amnesie - 1983-1999 LP

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AMNESIE have been a punk-rock band who marked the Montreal DIY punk scene by their furious punk-rock sound in french who was at the time something very rare in Montreal. The 1988 demo is still for me some of the best french punk-rock ever recorded (listen to the guitar...). Well written lyrics on society topics all played and sung with guts and passion make this lp a no-brainer for early french (or canadian) punk fan. For early canadian punk completist, we added a song from the 1st recording of the band in 1983 along with a recording from 1987.

The titles of this lp have been remastered from the best sources available either reels or master tapes for
a great sound . The record have mastered at 45 rpm for better result.

comes with a 20-page offset printed zine containing past and present interviews with band members, archive photos, lyrics and more. We have also added 36 titles to download which are: this album, the ''Grabuge '' cd released in 1996 and 11 unreleased titles recorded between 1983 and 1991 (including the 2 remaining songs from the 1983 session and a balance of songs mostly recorded in 1986 and 1987) and remastered for a greater sound.

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