Black Flag Loose Nut LP - DeadRockers

Black Flag Loose Nut LP

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Black Flag Loose Nut LP 

Code: SST035-LP
Artist: Black Flag
Label: SST Records

Track Listing: 
  1. Loose Nut
  2. Bastard In Love
  3. Annihilate This Week
  4. Best One Yet
  5. Modern Man
  6. This Is Good
  7. I'm The One
  8. Sinking
  9. Now She's Black
    • Backing Vocals - Bill Stevenson, Milo Auckerman, Dez Cadena, Louie, Henry Rollins, Kira, David Tarling, and the Adams Family.
    • Recorded at Total Access - Redondo Beach, CA.
    • Produced by David Tarling, Greg Ginn and Bill Stevenson.
    • Engineered by David Tarling.
    • Executive Producer: Nixon Management.
    • Total Support: Cliff Samuels.
    • Special thanks to Chuck Dukowski for creative input.
    • Cover Drawings © 1984 Raymond Petibon.
    © 1985 SST Records

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