GG Allin + AntiSeen ‎- Murder Junkies LP

GG Allin + AntiSeen ‎- Murder Junkies LP

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The legendary 1991 album returns.... 
Much has been said over the years about this infamous collaboration, however we feel that GG Allin said it best himself:

"Most of the material was written while I was in prison and is meant to be taken extremely seriously. I urge everybody to pick it up and listen to it word for word and feel the power it will create. The time is now to smash all existing barriers of our constipated society..." 
- GG Allin, MaximumRocknRoll, 1991

Side A 
1. Murder For The Mission 
2. I Love Nothing 
3. 99 Stab Wounds 
4. War In My Head 
5. Sister Sodomy 
6. Violence Now 
7. Rape, Torture, Terminate & Fuck 
8. Kill The Police

Side B 
1. I Hate People 
2. My Prison Walls 
3. Layin' Up With Linda (GG ALLIN & the CAROLINA SHITKICKERS) 
4. I Wanna Fuck The Shit Out Of You (GG ALLIN & the CAROLINA SHITKICKERS) 

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