Red Cross - 81/82 LP

Red Cross - 81/82 LP

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Red Cross - 81/82 LP

  • Black vinyl pressing, comes with inserts.
  • Puke N Vomit #56

The next installment of the Smoke 7 series, an LP compiling the early Smoke 7 comp tracks of Red Cross and an unreleased live set of the band as a 3 piece in 1982.


A1 Cease To Exist
A2 Everyday There's Someone New
A3 Kill Someone You Hate
A4 Tatum O' Tot And The Fried Vegetables
A5 St. Lita Ford Blues
B1 Linda Blair
B2 Look On Up At The Bottom
B3 Pseudo Intellectual
B4 Self Respect
B5 I Love You
B6 Burn Out
B7 Charlie

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