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Sore Throat - Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid - F.O.A.D. Records                       
One of the scariest, most terrific records in the history of music finally comes back to light in a deluxe FOAD-treatment reissue! This 103 monstrosity (yes, it was 103 not 101 as written on the 1st pressing’s sticker) originally released in 1989 and surrounded
by many controversies between the band and Earache Records, still stands as an unmatched assault of catastrophic Noisecore savagery. Call it Grind, Noise, Britcore or whatever… but if we talk of the most extreme shit ever released on a full length 12″,
“Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid” certainly stands among the top 5 of all times. As Rich mentions: “Lion Studios was hit with a barrage of Noise even more extreme than before, as we decided to up the ante, and go for over 100 tracks on the record.” Side A consists of 90 machine-gun bursts of apocalyptic dementia, while Side B slows down for 13 anguished
Sludge/Punk anthems at times recalling the industrial mood of Saw Throat’s “Indestroy” LP. This new edition has been entirely remastered for vinyl from the best sounding sources and re-packaged in a thick gatefold sleeve including lyrics and extensive liner notes by Rich “Militia“. And it adds a special outrageous surprise that won’t be revealed here, you have to see it!

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