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Tarot Suits Patch - DeadRockers

Tarot Suits Patch

$ 6.00

Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles make up the four suits of the Tarot cards. The branch, or Wand, corresponds to the element of fire and represents creation, passion, creativity, imagination, and restlessness, such things that are born and burn inside of you. Crossing the wand is the Sword, the element of Air that represents cleverness, anxieties, troubles, and debate, a suit of sharp ideas and sharp tongues. Below the crossing sits a boiling cauldron, representing the Cups suit and the element of water. It’s characteristics deal with emotions, illusions, nostalgia, spiritualism, and all of those feelings in which you surrender. Above the crossing shines a Pentacle, the element of earth which represents common senses, labor, the tactile, luck, wealth, and things that are of this world. All four suits together bring balance and harmony to the soul.

The Tarot Suits is hand drawn and printed by artist Adrienne Rozzi. Measures 7″ x 5″

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