Tattoo Punks Volume 1


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Tattoo Punks Volume One.

A collection of original art from punk tattooers around the world. Curated by Josh Howard

Book features over 60 pages of punk art from 41 punk tattooers.

Australia | Germany | United Kingdom | Canada | United States | Netherlands | Sweden | Spain | Colombia |


Alex Holiday 
James White 
Dave Conley 
Ella Trick 
Frenanda Maura 
Glenn Carvajal 
Michael T. Hastings 
Constantine Glinka 
Ellen Goodrich 
Tom Chippendale 
Beth Gould 
James Holmes 
Joe Chatt 
Craig and Destroy 
Jay Roberts 
Katie Clarke 
Kate Collins 
Mike Klein 
Moira Ramone 
Mia Sublime 
Nick Hall 
Todd Cheat 
Patt Whealan 
Miguel Pendenziero 
Prof. Falcon 
Phil Geck 
Dai Cann 
Lal Hardy 
Harrison Wellwood 
Steve Griffen 
Mike Reed 
Josh Hayward 
Dani Ardila Escobar 
Greg DeHoot 
Joey Romona 
Maria Rocca 
Lindsey Sweeney 
Jon Larson 
Sevil Rossell 
Adriana Maria de Guadalupe

Cover and Layout by Alex Hagan

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