5-in-1 Record Cleaning Kit


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Crosley 5-in-1 Record Cleaning Kit

Whether you have a massive collection or you’re just getting into vinyl, help keep
your records so fresh and so clean with this 5-in-1 cleaning set from Crosley.

1. Place record on turntable and start rotation
2. While the turntable is spinning, spray 2-3 pumps of cleaning solution on the velvet brush
3. Gently position the velvet brush perpendicular to the grooves and let rotate several times until clean (use small brush included to clean the velvet brush).
4. Allow to dry completely before playing
5. Use stylus cleaner to remove any dust from the needle (clean from back to front to avoid damaging the stylus).to help reduce static.

  • Velvet Cleaning Brush
  • Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution
  • Stylus Brush
  • Brush to Clean Velvet Cleaning Brush
  • Storage Bag Doubles as cloth

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