Dog Police ‎- S/T LP

Dog Police ‎- S/T LP

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Dog Police were a new wave band from the 1980’s that were on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream, but never quite made it. Dog Police saw their almost MTV single hit viral status, thanks to the archives of the internet and a very creative music video for their title track “Dog Police”. They made waves on the MTV show Basement Tapes with their very DEVO like synth based new wave rock and creative lyrics. While they didn’t win the competition, they did get the attention of Weird Al Yankovic who featured their second music video “1-800” on his MTV takeover show Al TV. Based on new wave, but occasionally branching out into other styles such as the Lounge rock “Are You Middle Class Enough”.

Originally pressed and distributed privately by the band, it is now out of print and very hard to find. Reissued by Toxic Toast Records for the first time since 1982. Pressed on a limited run of 500 Police Blue vinyl, including two unreleased bonus demo songs from the 1980’s.

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