Edward Colver Flip Mens Crew Socks


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Colver strikes hard with this insane captured moment - a young CA-punk, flippin' off the stage - frozen for eternity. Just think. If that kid managed to survive the 80's, he's probably a grandfather by now. 'Flip' image captured by punk extraordinaire Edward Colver. Always on the spot, when and where the action was, Ed captured history at the feet of, and in the midst of TSOL, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks, Fear, Social Distortion, X, Adolescents, Christian Death, and too many more bands to count. We collaborate with legendary artists to create band socks your feet will love.

Sock Details:

  • 32% Cotton
  • 30% Polyester
  • 35% Nylon
  • 3% Lycra
  • One Size

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