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Very little is known about He who cannot be named's actual identity. Some say he is a high ranking corrupt GOP politician, or an undercover agent for a foreign government. He has been banned from venues al over the world and Interpol reportedly has an ongoing warrant out for his immediate arrest on undisclosed charges. He rarely appears in public and very few have seen him without a mask. There have been numerous reports of Hewho impersonators spotted all over the world, especially when The Dwarves play live shows. It has even been suggested that He Who Cannot Be Named does not really and is in fact merely a rock legend. Perhaps Hewho himself is an imposter. We will probably never know for sure.

1: Funny Farm
2: Panic Attack
3: Gotta Get
4: Happy Unhappy
5: Get Out
6: The Thing
7: Trash
8: Not Dead
9: Proud Girl
10: Quid Pro Quo
11: Blood Products
12: Please Kill Yourself
13: Bad Words
14: Me Me

Guest Vocals:
Gotta Get - Chris Barrows
The Thing - Reese Chism
Not Dead - Nick Oliveri
Proud Girl - James Konicek
Quid Pro Quo - Milo Aukerman

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