Latch Key Kids - You're Doomed (1986 demo) LP

Latch Key Kids - You're Doomed (1986 demo) LP

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The Latch Key Kids were a Punk Rock group from Huntington Park, California. This is the first time this awesome slice of Southern California suburban hardcore will be available on vinyl, the demo was recorded in 1986 and outside of the LA region few got hear this amazing music. Total teenage angst ridden pulsating hardcore, loaded with awesome metallic tinged guitars. If these guys had been included on a Mystic Records comp back in the day, they would been better known and appreciated, Thanks to the fine people over at PNV records this will be available to the wider public.

For Fans Of: RKL, The Undertakers, The Stains, Ill Repute, Dr Know, False Confession


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