Lost Legion - Behind the Concrete Veil LP

Lost Legion - Behind the Concrete Veil LP

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LOST LEGION are back with an LP and beware, it is their best work to date!!
Musically, it follows the path marked by their EP “Bridging Electricity” with that formula so characteristic of Punk/Oi! with a heavy, guitar-driven touch mixed with a melancholic undertone, epic melodies with a dark atmosphere and very playful bass lines that engage with ultra-catchy plucking and guitar solos. Allowing themselves to be influenced just enough by other Chicago legends such as THE EFFIGIES or the Danish NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, among others, they have managed to put together 10 songs of absolute perfection. There is a certain martiality in them, a frontal force that, combined with somewhat more ambient passages created by each vocal and instrumental detail, leads you to an almost psychedelic pogo experience. There is a lot of juice in each riff, in the vocal melodies, in each arrangement, which when you listen carefully reveals an incredible musical journey layer by layer. The lyrics are intelligent and have depth, and they draw you the harsh reality of life in general in a very personal and even poetic way, dealing with issues of both a socio-political and personal nature.”

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