Nasty Pets - Nasty Punk 1979 LP

Nasty Pets - Nasty Punk 1979 LP

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Unreleased Garage Demo recording from teenage Orange County punk band The Nasty Pets. The Nasty Pets were a teenage punk band whose members were 12-13 years old; the band was only around 2 years, and in that amount of time, they played parties and managed to record this amazing slice or raw primal, fury fueled slice of adolescent punk rock. The band was inspired by the first wave of British punk bands like the Vibrators, Chelsea, The Clash and Pistols. Joey Kelly and Ron Ray would go onto Mad Parade and drummer Greg Welts would go onto play in Slipknot

For Fans Of: Chelsea, Vibrators, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Boys

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