The Penetrators - Kings of Basement Rock LP

The Penetrators - Kings of Basement Rock LP

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Slovenly Recordings is psyched as all get-out to present a re-release of one of our favorite albums EVER: “Kings of Basement Rock” by the # 1 band in town, Syracuse NY’s legendary THE PENETRATORS! Out of print for years, this essential lo-fi garage-punk master-piece-o’-crud has been remastered from a copy of the original 1986 FRED RECORDS release for supreme filth. The twelve songs in this set were recorded between 1976 and ‘84, making The Penetrators one of the very few original punk bands to spew forth a bitchin ‘60s punk sound, right along with contemporaries RAMONES and DMZ. Totally classic lease-breaking tracks abound here, from the ridiculously howling “Teenage Lifestyle,” to The Penetrator’s theme song “#1 Band In Town,” and the all-time dancefloor stomping, burger munching “Shopping Bag” (see the incredible video that was rejected by MTV on youtube!). Consider yourselves lucky we're forcing this platter out on the world one mo' time... DO NOT MISS!

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