The Virus / Thulsa Doom Split LP

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Red vinyl with hand numbered poster sleeve limited to 500. 45rpm, 12" record features all new and never before released tracks from 90's punk legends The Virus and four newer tracks from New York City's Thulsa Doom (which were previously released on a limited to 50 lathe that is no longer available). Self released and currently only available direct from the bands.


A1 –Thulsa Doom (2) Underestimated
A2 –Thulsa Doom (2) Power Fetish
A3 –Thulsa Doom (2) Voice of the Voiceless
A4 –Thulsa Doom (2) One Day at a Time
B1 –The Virus (2) Now This
B2 –The Virus (2) Dead Inside
B3 –The Virus (2) Total Destruction
B4 –The Virus (2) Taking It All

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