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DeadRockers was created in 2005, when many of the punk rock clothing and music shops in Southern California were disappearing. Owner, Lindsay  decided to take matters into her own hands, seeking out what she and her friends wanted to wear and listen to, and thus, DeadRockers was born. Having just graduated high school, she began selling goods at local gigs, car shows, roller derby bouts, and anywhere else that would let her set up shop. Online sales began through the business MySpace page and the first website launched the next year. In 2010, Lindsay opened her first location in Wilmington, CA.  A couple years later, the shop relocated to the infamous 4th Street, in downtown Long Beach, where the shop has continued to thrive since 2012.  What once was a small table in the corner at a local punk show selling clothes and music has grown to become a brick & mortar retail shop and online store, carrying thousands of products from all over the world.  
From building the website & buying, to merchandising & greeting customers; Lindsay loves being a hands on owner and can often be found chatting with customers in the shop, or showing them the newest arrivals. 
Sourcing independent brands, artists, and designers is a very important aspect to Lindsay, not only is it a way to offer unique items to her customers, but it's also a form of giving back to the punk rock community that has given her so much over the course of her life.  DeadRockers now carries everything from patches and studs, to shower curtains, dresses, & even kitschy gift items.
Thanx for 19+ years of Support!
xx Lindsay xx

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