Collaps - S/T 7"

Collaps - S/T 7"

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COLLAPS is a new band formed by veterans in the German scene(s) and last year they released their demo on the Berlin label SFR Hardcore, a tape that I was listening to non-stop here at Mendeku Etxea for months, one of my demos favorites from last year without a doubt, so it was mandatory to release that demo on vinyl!

4 songs (plus an elegant and beautiful piano intro) by PUNK with capital letters. Apart from that, it's a bit difficult for me to fit them into any sub-category, although it's clear that it's PUNK with OI influences! and Hardcore, but each of these 4 songs has a different vibe in terms of riff patterns and drum rhythms, although all of them are unified under a cloak of rawness with that great “sandpaper” sound from the guitars. Curious lyrics with a touch of sarcasm and irony on everyday topics and related to the scene as well.

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