Crawl Noise ‎- Wall Of Noisecore 1987 / 1989 LP

Crawl Noise ‎- Wall Of Noisecore 1987 / 1989 LP

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Get ready for a merciless audio slaughter and ruin your turntable needle forever!! CRAWL NOISE were a terrorizing Swiss unit that decimated eardrums in that late 80's phase (1987 to 1989) when Grindcore was starting to spread all around and some maniacs tried to push the genre to even fiercer extremes, giving birth to the whole short-song Noisecore saga of bands like 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, ANAL CUNT, VIOLENT NOISE ATTACK, STENCH OF CORPSE, TUMOR and so on. CRAWL NOISE were clearly inspired by early NAPALM DEATH and SORE THROAT, but they pushed the level of madness and brutality to way more devastating boundaries. And their drummer Osi was then called to join the mighty FEAR OF GOD, so try to imagine how fast he was. As Erich Keller states: "After I saw Crawl Noise live, I tried everything to steal the drummer Osi for my own band Fear Of God." This LP includes all their existing recordings: the first demo "Musical rape" (1988), their Demo #2 (1989) and two complete live sets from 1987 to 1988 (one was included on the B-side of their only 7" and the other in some insane tape compilations like "Rudi Rat 1" and SOA's "Use your anger"). What you get here is a deadly tornado of aberrant, antimusical Noisecore putrefaction blasting through impossibly fast drumming delirium, some awful background noise that could be a guitar/bass as much as a microphone pushed into a cement mixer, and at the top of all some of the most disturbing vomited grunts you can think of. Countless tracks, acoustic demolition! Includes an insert with liner notes and original artworks from their few releases around at the time. If you enjoyed previous Noisecore releases on FOAD such as Tumor, V.N.A., Sore Throat, 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Fear Of God, Noise, early Cripple Bastards, Isolation As cult, don't miss this horrible noise bloodfeast!

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