The Barbies - S/T LP

The Barbies - S/T LP

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The Barbies - S/T LP

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An amazing lost slice of American Punk/New Wave cool finally sees the light of day after almost 40 years.Hailing from Fullerton California The Barbies were a short lived band that existed from 1979 to 1981, they recorded 5 songs before calling it quits after the tragic death of their guitar player. A handful of test pressings were made of the 5 songs and the planned record shelved.

They would have disappeared and would have been forgotten. But as luck would have it a few songs made it out in the world. their song 'Operator, Operator' was used in the cult horror classic 'Fade to Black' (1980) and the song 'Boys Will Be Boys' made it onto the legendary 'The Up Another Octave Transmission' compilation (1981) a now legendary snapshot of the OC music scene in the early 80s. The comp featured not only the Barbies but early Berlin and the Detours making it a sought after collectable.

It was from this comp that everyone was turned onto the greatness of The Barbies with their cool New Wave/Punk sound, think early Go-Go's before the poppy top 40 polishing meets Penetration's razor sharp sounds with a good dose of the youthful energy of X-Ray Spex. The fully restored 5 Song 12" EP comes with an eye catching cover and inset that includes photos and lyrics and words by Rikk Agnew (Adolescents / DI / Christian Death)

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